What is Video Search Engine Optimisation and why does your business need it?

· 11th January 2018 · 3:11 pm

Videos are an under-utilised tool in many search engine optimisation strategies. Through using video search engine optimisation, or VSEO, you can make a significant impact to your overall SEO strategy. If you’re looking for ways to increase your SEO and boost your ranking, consider VSEO? If you’re not sure where to start, then this handy beginner’s guide to VSEO is for you. Remember that there is even a strategy for shopify seo, so you we are sure you’ll find the best strategy to make your business work through VESO techniques.

Why videos?
Some positives on using video

Videos are a powerful form of content. When executed carefully, videos can be engaging, appealing, accessible. Videos can be easier to understand and give simple explanations, in ways that an article can’t.

  • A chance to show the world what you do
  • Opportunity to be creative
  • Showcase your products & services and advantages of payroll software
  • Puts a face to your brand and build trust
  • Helps to convert viewers into buyers.(learn history about checks and how to manage your business money)
The need for videos in SEO

Search engines continuously change their algorithms, to offer better and more appropriate results for their audiences. With Google (the biggest search engine) purchasing YouTube (the biggest video sharing network), we are starting the see the prominence of videos in search engine rankings. VSEO will become increasingly popular over the next few years, so by starting your VSEO journey now; you’ll reap the rewards sooner.

When planning your SEO strategy, take the time to consider how videos can play a powerful and dynamic role in your plan. Videos are powerful forms or marketing and can generate a significant return on investment.

What can videos achieve?

To be successful in SEO techniques, you need to build links, generate social sharing and increase your conversion rate of viewers to buyers. With videos, it is easy to produce a large number of links, in fact, you can generate hundreds of thousands of them. If you think about your own time spent on social media, when you see a video that creates an emotion and connection with you, you want to share it with other like-minded people.

By creating a unique and compelling video, you will find that it is shared, reviewed and even talked about on other blogs and websites. So, what video can your business create that’s going to generate social sharing, links back to your site from multiple sites and will convince viewers to buy?

Great video made, what's next?

Once you have a video, it’s time to get SEO-savvy;

Host Your Video

Posting your video on your own site is a really good idea, providing you already have a loyal following, whether you host it directly or embed it from a service like YouTube.

Hosting the video on your own site means that if it is shared, it will link directly back to your domain, however it might make the video harder to stumble upon. For maximum organic reach, host your video on a well known service like YouTube or Vimeo, then share it via social media and embed the video in your website.

Keywords and Headings

Keywords are just as important in videos. Make sure your keywords are natural in your title, description and tags. Create a catchy title for your video that inspires viewers to press play, if possible, try and place your keywords at the beginning of the title.

Thorough Description

Content is key and with a large description box, it is perfect for writing captivating content with keywords galore. The best way to fill the description is to write the transcript of your video as it will be rich content and drive people to find your video.

Encourage Comments

SEO uses comments, hits, feedback and ratings to boost your rankings, so keep viewers engaged by managing your comments section and reply to keep the conversation flowing.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are small thumbnails of your video that are placed next to your website on Google search. Rich snippets help searchers know that your content includes a video, which can make your website stand out. Give your site an extra boost by ensuring your thumbnail image stands out and shows what the video is about.

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