Why animation might just be exactly what your brand needs

· 20th April 2018 · 3:29 pm

It is a frustrating feeling, finding that your video marketing campaign. The one that you have spent so much time and effort creating, isn’t quite working the way that you wanted it to. Chances are that you have done everything that you could, but there is something missing. What is it?

You may not instantly think of it, but that thing could be a good quality animation. But why? What makes animation such a great thing to add into your marketing efforts?

An animated video tells a story

We are all sucker for a story and even the shortest of stories can have an impact. When you share an animated video, you are going to be able to bring any ideas that you have to life and ensure that your audience relate to them too.  You can make sure that they not only communicate a message but that they also grab attention too.

They are easy to watch

People, by their very nature like to have things presented to them in easy to digest chunks. That way, they don’t have to think too much or spend too much time watching or reading something. This is true for marketing, particularly video marketing. People like to be presented with short videos that gets the message across without bombarding them. Animation is ideal for this as whilst it is a low budget option, it is one that is as easy to watch as it can be to make.

With an animated video, the sky is the limit

Feel that you are restricted by a real-time video? If you do, then it might be worthwhile thinking about opting for an animated video instead. They give you the chance to bring your ideas to life, no matter how strange they may seem. Which is ideal if you have grand ideas that simply wouldn’t work in a real-time, real-life video.

They are appealing and fun!

No matter what age range you are targeting, with an animated video you are going to show them that marketing can be fun. Whilst your product or industry may have serious undertones, if you try out animated videos, then you are sure to bring a smile to the face of the person watching, as well as help them to remember your name.

Far removed from the cartoons that you may think of, animated videos can actually be a viable option for you when considering where to take your video marketing efforts for the future.

Feel that you need some help with your marketing efforts? Want to take your videos to the next level? Why not get in touch with us at Explode Media? We can help to make sure that you video, whether animated or not, is going to really get you noticed.