Is it worthwhile boosting a post on Facebook?

· 27th April 2018 · 3:33 pm

Facebook, it is one of those social media platforms that can be incredibly valuable and useful for your business. Trouble is, you need to make sure that you do it right. There are always new things being introduced to Facebook, not only to make it better for those who use it to stay in touch with family and friends, but also for businesses who may use it to engage with their clients and customers.

One of the newest to the block and one that seems to be trying its best to tempt us into clicking it, is the boost button.

This tempting little brute pops up whenever we create a post for Facebook and all but begs us to part with our money to achieve fame and fortune, or at the very least a Facebook post that has a wider reach then others.

So, is it worth it? Let’s look.

Always think about why you are boosting your post before you hit the button

Before you even start to think about boosting your post, you need to consider why you are boosting it. Is it to drive traffic to your website? Is it to increase the page likes that you have? Perhaps it is to increase a time sensitive product or offer that you have? Once you know this, you can think about which of your posts to boost. Visit to learn how to convert those visitors into customers the first time they open your site.

If you boost posts that have already been successful, then you will have a better success rate

You can tell how successful a post has been by the number of likes, comments and views it has had. Once you know how well a previous post has done, it is time to give your followers more of the same. Boosting posts that have previously been successful, or that are like ones that have been a hit is a sure-fire way to make sure that your boosting efforts are going to be worth it.

Sometimes you are better off advertising rather than boosting

Whilst boosting can work wonders for some posts, there are going to be times when you really need to up the ante and opt for an ad instead. Facebook ads are not as straightforward as a boosted post. They require you to think about in depth targeting, when to schedule your ad for and what you want your call to action button to say. However, if you spend the time thinking about what you want your ad to say, then you should be rewarded by a real increase in engagement.

Not sure whether you are doing the right thing with your Facebook posts? Want to try and extend your reach as much as you can? If this is true for you then why not get some expert advice and help from us here at Expose Media? We can ensure that you not only have the right social media presence, but that you also use the tools open to you as best you can.