What are the biggest trends in video marketing?

· 11th May 2018 · 3:57 pm

Marketing, like so many things in business is always changing and moving. Things are improving, things are changing and new ideas and approaches are being introduced at a somewhat alarming rate. Which means that if you want to stay ahead of the crowd (or at the very least close to the leaders) then you are going to need to be aware of the new trends.

Currently, one of the most popular forms of marketing is video marketing, and just like the rest it has undergone some changes over time. So, what are the biggest trends in video marketing and how can you use them to your advantage?

Live videos

It is thought that as much as 13% of video traffic online is from live videos. Live videos are a relative newcomer in the world of video marketing, however, it looks like they are here to stay. But what makes live videos such a good idea?

One great thing about live videos is that they are cheap to make and share. They do not take fancy editing software, simply a webcam or even a mobile phone and once you have made them you can continue to share them as much as you like. Not only this, but people seem to really engage with live videos. Perhaps they like the fact that they are not staged and that they are spontaneous, something that they may not get with pre-recorded videos.

Vloggers and vlogging style videos

There is a whole wealth of video types on YouTube. Check out https://www.zainimedia.com/ if you need professional TV ads, corporate videos and viral videos. One of the most popular must be the vlog. The vlog, as the name suggests, is a video blog. These videos are often used by people who review products or who like to discuss current news. Not only this, but they can be incredibly valuable and useful for businesses to use too. You could find a staff member who is happy to be the face of your brand, or, if you are not sure that you have anyone in-house, perhaps you could work with an influencer, or current vlogger to create some video content.

Short term video

Not all videos that are released must stick around. In fact, with the introduction of stories on both Instagram and Facebook, as well as the rise of Snapchat, it seems that short-term video is sticking around. These videos only last for a set period before they are deleted forever, which may not seem that great for your brand, but they make for a great marketing tool. They feel limited, they feel that they need action taken on them and they are ideal if you a promoting a sale or creating excitement about a new product that you are releasing.

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