The ways to use video to increase your sales

· 15th June 2018 · 9:55 am

It is no secret that when it comes to marketing, video content is starting to rise the ranks. Of course, written content is still an important cog in the machine, but the driver of this machine, the big powerhouse is video content.

So, with this in mind, it makes sense that if you want to make more sales, then you are going to need to turn to video. But whilst this may be an obvious solution, you are not always going to know how exactly to go about making those steps towards increasing sales through video.

As experts here at Explode Media, we have put together the ways that you can use video to make sure that your sales increase and that you can make your business the success that you crave so pay attention to every thing for your customers and employees, learn what is a salary and how can you get all the benefits for your business.

Product videos

Want to make sure that you get the most amount of interest in the newest product that you are going to be releasing, or simply one that has been around for a while but is slowing down on sales? Why not make it a feature of a new video? Product videos are a great way to generate interest in a product that you have to offer, you can show it in its best light, as well as outline all the benefits of what the product has to offer.

Make it into an explainer video

You can take a product video one step further by transforming it into a how to guide or as we like to call them, explainer videos! Rather than simply showing the product, you could actually create a video that shows how to use it. This will really engage with your audience, as well as encourage them to buy it for themselves, particularly when they have seen it in action.

Video chat

One of the newest ways to utilise videos is with video chat. As people we want to be able to see people when we interact with them, particularly when it comes to resolving a problem. This means that video chat is a great option to offer and will definitely ensure that your customer service is second to none.


Blogging is a great way to engage with your target market. Especially if you ensure that you deliver quality content that is going to be of use to them. Why not take this particular approach and transfer it into the modern world? Rather than posting blogs as we know them right now, take the content and work it into a vlog instead. Broadcast it with a video, not only will this be more personal, but it is also something that your audience are likely to engage with too.

As you can see, video content is a great way to increase sales for your business. So, why not get the camera out and see what you can create? You might be surprised by just how much one short video can mean for your sales.