Why Video is Critical in Talent Acquisition

· 6th November 2019 · 5:24 pm

In this article we’ll look at how why video is so important for talent acquisition and we’ll look at how it can be used effectively in some of our favourite recruitment videos.


Attracting the right talent

The web revolution and the platforms it has produced have put a whole world (literally) of opportunities at our finger tips. No I don’t mean the world of Amazon, but the world of work.

Never before have our dream roles and workplace aspirations been so accessible. From traditional recruitment agents to job sites like Indeed and the ever dominating LinkedIn Jobs, candidates are now spoiled for choice and recruiters are finding themselves searching for top-talent needles in an ever growing digital hay stack.


“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success”

At it’s core, a good talent acquisition campaign is all about communication. All of those great buzzwords our marketing and comms teams love to use – language, tone, storyscaping, thought leadership, personalisation, optimisation.

Yes the mar-comms heroes (along with their enviable budgets) are on to something – any time a person interfaces with a brand, we have to communicate. Recruitment is no exception, and there is no better way than video.

We love this example from Zendesk.

It’s a great approach, speaking directly to each viewer as a potential candidate. The narration, filming style and tone set by the music give the video a warm and welcoming tone.

This window into the world of Zendesk shows a diverse, creative and fun place to work, while discretely showing the scale, growth, ambition and core values of the business.

Our Top 4 Reasons to Use Video in Recruitment

Keep up with the competition

Video has become the gold standard in employer branding. The biggest and best brands are already using video in their recruitment and statistics show that they are attracting talent faster and easier thanks to video.

To stay competitive you need to include video in your strategy.

Attract passive candidates

With the availability of opportunities today, the majority of potential candidates will already be in employment.

They won’t be coming to us so we have to go them – using social media, outbound recruitment marketing and, you guessed it, video is they key!

Encourage Early Careers

Video is key in attracting and securing young talent.

Record numbers of young people are now entering the workforce with “Millenials” starting their careers. It’s no secret that these generations consume the most content online and in video terms they consume more than any other generation.

Get more views and more applicants

Job postings with videos have a 34% greater application rate (CareerBuilder). That’s real people, real talent.

Your recruitment campaigns need to differentiate to attract the attention of possible candidates, before converting them to applicants.

3 Recruitment Videos You Need To See

1 – Google Interns First Week

This opportunity lead video focuses on the ‘Google Playground‘ at their campus.

The video shows the cutting edge technology, the culture and ethos of the employer brand and the opportunities to learn and develop.

As a long (>5 mins) video it has the time to tell individual stories of interns development at Google.

2 – Working at Dropbox

Dropbox took a fun creative approach to this recruitment video. Using the voices of real employees with the visuals of puppets in the workplace.

The culture of fun and quirkiness portrayed by the visuals is aligned with the strong and powerful messages of why the people of Dropbox love working their.

3 – Fiverr – Another Generic Recruitment Video

The sarcastic approach Fiverr took to this video really makes it stand out. It’s theme is to mock the traditional cheesy recruitment video, while showing the facilities and people at Fiverr.

In the end this comical and entertaining video calls to candidates to not just be ‘good’ at what they do but to be ‘the best’ to work at Fiverr.